What is AR Filter?

The new viral trend

AR Filter takes users into the world of augmented reality in mobile applications Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok. AR Filters read gestures, movements, recognize objects, and the surroundings of the user.

Using it you can digitally paint your face in real-time, change yourself into somebody else, change your surroundings as if you were in a different location, display a 3D object, unlock a hidden message, and more. The user can do all of these on the phone screen.

Videos made with AR Filters are often and eagerly published on Instagram Stories and Facebook. Consequently, the brand that owns the filter increases its reach.

Let's work together!

agency quality

As a freelancer, I also create AR filters for marketing agencies. Working with me I can assure you the highest quality on the market.

icon + submission included

You won’t need to worry about any extra procedures like creating an AR filter icon or its submission to Instagram or Facebook.

custom made 3D models

No need to outsource for custom made 3D models. I will create a dedicated 3D model and integrate it into your AR filter. It will be 100% compatible.

1:1 contact with the creator

Do you need a quick adjustment or just want to ask something? You have direct contact with me and everything is clear right away.

Currently available for freelance work.


mobile: +48 604 532 427 eu vat: PL8982255578