What is an AR Filter?

The new viral trend

AR Filter takes users into the world of augmented reality in mobile applications Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok. AR Filters read gestures, movements, recognize objects, and the surroundings of the user.

Using it you can digitally paint your face in real-time, change yourself into somebody else, change your surroundings as if you were in a different location, display a 3D object, unlock a hidden message, and more. The user can do all of these on the phone screen.

Videos made with AR Filters are often and eagerly published on Instagram Stories and Facebook. Consequently, the brand that owns the filter increases its reach.

Bighead’s Jetpack

I had a few things that I already wanted to use in my next AR filters – physics motion, 360 panorama, and my new trick for head segmentation. I’ve merged all these things and created “Bighead’s Jetpack” that hit the jackpot.

This idea of a small body character with a big head can be used for every environment and activity. It can be a running rugby player, or a client in the supermarket. Everybody using this filter is looking cute and the hand’s skin tone is adjusted to the user’s face, so this AR filter can be used worldwide.

The Red Carpet Game

Did you know that AR filters can be more advanced than just regular face filters?
AR gaming is a great way to engage users even more efficiently. They spend time with your brand in a fun way and are a part of the brand’s world.

No matter if it’s a celebrity running on the red carpet or a lion through the jungle, you can create a competition or give a discount for a certain score. Not to mention that the gameplay is very shareable on Insta Stories.

I love creating AR games and of course, I couldn’t resist placing myself as a part of this game. In my personal projects, I can do whatever I want. 😄

Lekko Stronniczy

This example of the AR filter that I’ve made for the popular Polish YouTube show “Lekko Stronniczy” shows how important it is to add something more than regular text for the randomizer. As this idea has been quite overused, brands would need to be creative by having creative animations or use of 3D objects to stand out from the rest. This AR filter is just picking the episode number, but with all the animations it doesn’t look like a boring thing and it was broadly used and shared by the fans.

Randomizers are still a good way to implement for brands as most Instagram users are already familiar with how it works, saving brands time on providing instruction.

Let's work together!

agency quality

As a freelancer, I also create AR filters for marketing agencies. Working with me I can assure you the highest quality on the market.

icon + submission included

You won’t need to worry about any extra procedures like creating an AR filter icon or its submission to Instagram or Facebook.

custom made 3D models

No need to outsource for custom made 3D models. I will create a dedicated 3D model and integrate it into your AR filter. It will be 100% compatible.

1:1 contact with the creator

Do you need a quick adjustment or just want to ask something? You have direct contact with me and everything is clear right away.


✅ Testimonials

Mikołaj efficiently and smoothly prepared an attractive AR filter as well as additional materials needed for it. He helped and explained various things while creating the AR filter and after it was published. Our cooperation was very effective and I must admit that I hope for working together on the next projects in the future.

Sylwia Markiewicz
They.pl - Digital Marketing Agency

Mikolaj offered a great service from start until the end. Within a short amount of time, he enabled us to extend the fan experience by creating modern and appealing filters. He takes the customer's feedback seriously and adapts it very well. We fully recommend Mikolaj to other brands, who'd like to create their own AR filters.

Andreas Wüthrich
BSC Young Boys - Soccer Club

During our collaboration, Mikolaj showed great professionalism and expertise. He is a great sparring partner when you need help with concepts and technicalities which made our processes much smoother and productive. He sticks to the deadlines and integrates feedback easily, while also making sure that the deliverable is of the best quality and detail. It's been a very positive experience and I'd recommend Mikolaj's services to other brands that are looking to engage their customers with something fun like AR filters.

Secret Project
Social Media Agency from Denmark

Mikołaj always adhered to the established deadline, and he carried out high-priority tasks very quickly. He could spend more time on a given project so that both sides would be fully satisfied with the final result. He follows the recommendations given in a brief and proposes his own ideas. Mikołaj is communicative, and we easily come to a mutual agreement with e-mails.

Anna Szyrska
Kids Kino - Film Distribution

Collaborating on my AR filter with Mikolaj was an absolute pleasure. He is incredibly talented, professional, creative, and prompt at replying. On top of all that, he’s a really nice guy! I highly recommend working with him on your next AR filter project.

Ben Giroux
Nickelodeon show "Henry Danger"

I've been working with Mikołaj on dozen or so projects and I can confirm that he shows great professionalism, creativity and he sticks to the deadlines. Cooperation with him is very smooth. Mikołaj sticks to deadlines, makes all changes very quickly which is extremely important given the fast pace of work. At the same time, I would like to point out that working with him is a great pleasure.

Paulina Jaroszewicz
The New Horizons Association - Film Distribution

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