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The Christmas Game


The Red Carpet Game

Lekko Stronniczy

Did you know?

The experience of brands that use augmented reality shows that AR filters increase awareness, increase the number of subscribers, launch user content and increase sales. Whatever your business area is, there are bright ideas for using augmented reality for everyone.

It stinks!


3D Avatar


Did you know?

AR filter can contain a product image, a brand logo, or it can be used to try on your product.
Coca-Cola, Discovery, and Gucci have already used AR filters in their social media.

Charlie’s Angels

Twój festiwal na 2020

Keep an Eye Out!

Just a nightmare…

Did you know?

Every user who uses a filter to make a short video or picture and publishes it on social media is spreading your brand’s reach.
Also, you can run an Instagram or Facebook AR campaign to get more users engaged.

The Toddler

video: bengiroux

SamSam The Game

El Ratoncito

Szybcy i Śnieżni

Did you know?

AR filters are used most frequently by Generation Z (people born in the second half of the 90s and after 2000).
They are also the biggest group of Instagram users.



Watch the Ball!


video: dif_fotboll

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Creating high-converting Augmented Reality effects has never been easier—or more important.
Now you can have both: the professional look to showcase brands and the optimized performance to grow businesses.

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