What is an AR Filter?

The new viral trend

AR filter takes users into the world of augmented reality in mobile applications Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok. AR filters read gestures, movements, recognize objects, and the surroundings of the user.

Using it you can digitally paint your face in real-time, change yourself into somebody else, change your surroundings as if you were in a different location, display a 3D object, unlock a hidden message, and more. The user can do all of these on the phone screen.

Videos and photos created with AR filters are often and eagerly published on Instagram Stories, TikTok and Snapchat. Consequently, the brand that owns the filter increases its reach.

Bighead Jetpack

I had a few things that I already wanted to use in my next AR filters – physics motion, 360 panorama, and my new trick for head segmentation. I’ve merged all these things and created “Bighead’s Jetpack” that hit the jackpot.

This idea of a small body character with a big head can be used for every environment and activity. It can be a running rugby player, or a client in the supermarket. Everybody using this filter is looking cute and the hand’s skin tone is adjusted to the user’s face, so this AR filter can be used worldwide.

The filter was picked in the weekly selection as one of the best AR filters worldwide: Weekly Selection #24

Glass Stepping

Did you know that AR filters can be more advanced than just regular face filters?
AR gaming is a great way to engage users even more efficiently. They spend time with your brand in a fun way and are a part of the brand’s world.

No matter if it’s a celebrity running on the red carpet or a lion through the jungle, you can create a competition or give a discount for a certain score. Not to mention that the gameplay is very shareable on Insta Stories.

Once in a while, I like to create a project where I use many interesting features of Spark AR to test its possibilities – this project is one of them. Even though it is a game, the whole project doesn’t exceed 2MB.

This AR filter won a price in the weekly selection as one of the best AR filters worldwide: Weekly Selection #65

The Witcher

I created this TikTok AR effect in collaboration with ByteDance for the newest season of The Witcher from Netflix.

We picked the most similar signs that the software can recognize and matched them with spells gestures from the Netflix series, so TikTok users can use Witcher’s spells in their everyday situations – for example to barbecue a steak, to protect from yelling parents, to push away bad vibes, or to charm others to do their chores.

The reach of AR effects on TikTok has always blown my mind and that was also in this case. I saw tons of creative ideas showing how people would use Witcher’s spells – way more entertaining than my video below – and I think it’s such a pity that it only works on a video, not in the real life. 😆

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As a freelancer, I also create AR filters for the biggest marketing agencies. Working with me I can assure you the highest quality on the market.

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Your AR filter will be tested on multiple different smartphones with Android and iOS to be sure that all users are going to have the same experience.

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No need to outsource for editing 3D models. I will take care of your 3D model and integrate it into your AR filter. It will be 100% compatible.

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